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Re: AW: do we need a forum ?

Actually, it's easier for Kim to let the subscribers filter the e-mails themselves. Every major e-mail client software has the ability to filter e-mails. I use Thunderbird for my home e-mail, Entourage for my work e-mail, and Gmail for all the lists to which I subscribe. In all three cases, I can filter incoming mail and either move it (in the case of Thunderbird and Entourage) or tag it (Gmail). Todd Pafford  explained what field in the e-mail header could be used to ensure all LD e-mail was caught by a client's filter in this message:


Note that Gmail doesn't allow you to select specific headers, but you can use the "To:" field in a Gmail filter to catch LD e-mails. That's what I do. Then, you can just click the label you attach to it as part of the filter when you want to just look at all the LD postings.

Heck, I even have Gmail look for references to the EDP so I can quickly go to info about it. Works like a charm.



On 6/4/07, Michael Billow <mbillow@gmail.com> wrote:
Maybe so, but not "email subject heading", which I think would be very helpful and quite simple to implement.

On 6/4/07, Tony K < bigtonyk@gmail.com> wrote:
Oh Look! An oily spot where the dead horse used to be...

We aren't getting a forum.  We are a mailing list.  People have started forums, they languish unused.  It is not worth the setup time because nobody uses the ones that are there already.

Unfortunately, this subject is set to a 100% feedback loop.  It just keeps coming around and around and around...

I bet Kim has the word 'forum' in his killfile. :)


On 6/4/07, miles ward <miles932@gmail.com> wrote:
Kim's, in my humble estimation.

On 6/4/07, Travis Hartnett <travishartnett@gmail.com> wrote:
> Who's setup time are you referring to--yours, or Kim's?
> On 6/4/07, miles ward <miles932@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I think a forum would be great, if only for searchability and
> > historical reference.
> > Well worth the setup time.
> > -Miles
> >

---Miles Ward