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Re: Live Loopers on youtube

O yeah, how about starting with my buddies Andy Mckee, Billy Mclaughlin, 
Don Alder, don't forget
Tommy Emmanuel and his and mine Alesis midiverb 3.  Phil Keaggy and 
Salvation Army Band is
jawdropping!  Have you seen glasswingfarm studios work up off the ocean 
coast Island Canadian 
Vancouver yet?  He has been emailing me recently a very interesting cat 
and kindly respectful
indeed as well.  I am working on getting some more videos up of my live 
boomerang phrase sampler
looping improvising.  Have fun and continued loopy blessings, have fun :o) 
 Daniel T. Albertini on
myspace too still learning but join up if you wish on my friends pages!
--- Jens Wolters <jenswolters@gebaeude7.de> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I am wondering if anybody can recommend live looping videos on youtube? 
>I am
> mainly interested in group playing. Other video sources than youtube are 
> course welcome. 
> Also I would be very interested in recommended listening. 
> Thanks and greetings Jens

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