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Two New Looping Videos (Y2K6 & BEMF 2)

I have two new looping videos to share (one is not so new, but wasn't available until recently).
1) Y2K6: Krispen Hartung (guitar and laptop) & Rick Walker (percussion); excerpts of the last set on Saturday night; this is the music and video behind the picture of the two of us in the recent Guitar Player ariticle. Thanks to Barry Cleveland for sending me the DVD!  This is me on my PRS hollow body, my laptop (with Mobius and various VSTs), and the Boss VF1 for amp simulation and ring mod
2) 2nd Annual Boise Experimental Music Festival (April 27, 2007): Krispen Hartung (mandolin and laptop) & Vincent Miresse (percussion); most of the effects processing the mandolin on this one are from Reaktor, and a few max/msp patches in VST format; I hadn't converted to my pure max/msp system at the time of this festival
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