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MIDI macros

Also a quick question - I want to use a single pedal to stop Live playing and stop Mobius from playing back - is there some app I can use to make two MIDI commands out of just one?

Bill Trible wrote:
Thanks for your info on the RC50.  Any general thoughts on the RC50 vs. buying a soundcard + MIDI pedals and using a laptop with Mobius?

I like the idea of the convenience of the Boss pedal but I since I own a laptop already I might be able to pull it off slightly cheaper using that ... bearing in mind all I want to do is make a few loops + have a 2nd channel to share a metronome with a drummer.

Richard Sales wrote:
It's just an audio gap. If you keep playing it goes pretty much unnoticed.

richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.
On 2-Jun-07, at 10:38 AM, Bill Trible wrote:

Heard this device has problems with starting the first loop - ie. a slight gap... does this interfere with timing or is it strictly an audio gap? Anyone got other comments on it?

Fooling around with Mobius and trying to decide which way to go - still reluctant to deal with the perils of using a laptop onstage!