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Re: the best.... the worst....

For me, the best thing about looping is that I can play with myself in public.

The worst thing is I don't wanna do anything else now. Another down side is that now that I have someone to jam with that I'm not embarrassed to ask to play the same piece for an hour or two, I can play the same thing over and over ALL DAY LONG. That can be a good thing too.

Another real plus has been meeting all the loopers. I've learned a LOT from this group. I've gone from being a very 'soured by MIDI' hard nosed acoustic purist to a pedal board and four amps. Still no distortion though. That'll take a while yet.

Another real plus is that it has, to some degree, freed me from the structure of songs. I've always been a slave to the song... but now I've found the Underground Railroad. Who knows where I'll end up? I still think a well crafted song is the holy grail, but now I've found the wine to fill it with... and pour all over the table.

A serious down side is the Roland RC50. Archiving is a pain in the butt. No names attached to the loops or patches when saved to HD. Apparently its Midi Beat Clock doesn't work with other devices. It's so easy to erase things you don't wanna erase. You can't import archived specific patches. At least I haven't found out how. Apparently the input has some kind of guitar amp modeling thing going and you can't turn it off. I don't like that. I'm looking at the Looperlative now that I know more about what I want.

Another down side is, now that I have all these pedals etc, it's a LOT of footwork and ergonomic design work figuring out how to reach all the pedals quickly. Haven't got that dialed yet at all.

But... so many things to be grateful for, the down side is just a slight drop in elevation.

richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.

On 2-Jun-07, at 9:24 AM, Nathan van Heynsbergen wrote:

For me...

The best thing about looping is:
- The way a plan is quickly abandoned for something more vital than
the starting idea
- Escapist qualities
The worst thing about looping is:
- The complication and coordination across devices
- The problem of not going new age accidentally.

And, for you?