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Guitar >
Roland T2 Tuner>
ancient Roland active volume pedal>
Area51/CryBaby wah>
T Rex Replica>
Durham SexDrive>
UltraSound DI> (bypassed for some guitars)>
Roland RC50>
a batch of very old Magnatone/PANaramic 213 amps.

I swapped out the Fulltone Tube Tape echo for the T Rex Replica because the TubeTapeEcho tape itself was so noisy and because it's so hard to put on an airplane or hand carry etc. The T Rex is a GREAT SOUNDING echo. I also wanna bring the Roland Dimension D out of the studio and into my playpen for total guitar mania. I really love the Sex Drive too. A super subtle sledge hammer.

Pedaltrain Pedal Board
Voodoo Labs Power Power Plus 2

I have another even more ancient Roland volume pedal on the "Guide" out volume.

Canare cables made an unbelievable difference. I made 'em myself. I was a sceptic. I saw de light!

richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.

On 1-Jun-07, at 5:46 AM, andy butler wrote:


Guitar>>ADA-MP1(guitar pre-amp)>>Lexicon Vortex>>2xEDP>>BehringerMic2200 >>JBL Eon 15 powered speakers.

+ EBow
+ FCB1010 midi Controller operates the EDPs

(yes, the guitar has wooden pickups)

if playing though an alternative pa, I don't take the Eons

For international gigs the Mic2200 gets left at home, it's not needed really, but if you're describing an unusual rig to a sound guy they really relax when you
tell them you're bringing your own DI.

If I'm providing pa for other performers, a Behringer MX2642 mixing goes in front of the Eons.

andy butler
www.andybutler.com (mp3s-a-plenty)

ps. I posted this before but it never showed on the list,
apologies if you all get this 2x