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do we need a forum

If you guys had any inkling of how much hard work,  blood sweat and tears 
and personal money
that Kim Flint has put into this site and how much people take this 
incredible tithing of energy
into this community for granted,   you would all cease and desist in 
bothering him about changing
the way he does this thing.

This issue comes up over and over again and Kim has told us firmly that he 
does not intend to
change the way he does it.

Please,  let's respect his wishes.

If you are having trouble filtering things out,  please post a post that 
asks savvy list members to
post their creative solutions to your particular problem and be willing to 
put a little tiny bit of your
own time commitment into solving the problem with the many simple 
technological solutions that exist.

Please,  gang,   you don't know how good a thing we have going and how 
tenuous it is for continuing
into the future.

Respect the man and his contribution  and let this topic lie once and for 


Rick Walker

ps   if this posting makes you angry,  please respect the list and just 
flame me off list..............this topic has taken up
too much of our time here at Loopers Delight.   I'll be more than happy to 
respond to you if you do.