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Re: So why Boise?

Doug Wellington wrote:
>> That about sums it up. It takes a bunch of OCD MFs like me, Rick, etc.
>> Someone has to make it a priority and drive it home on their own. It 
>> takes a
>> fair amount of event, financial, and program managment skills as 
>> well, which
>> isn't a skill everyone is comfortable with.
> Anybody interested in coming to Arizona?  :-)
> Doug
Been there, done that, done that, done that, done that, doing it again!  
Going to electro-music 2007 tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday.  
<http://event.electro-music.com>  Not NJ but close enough.  Then there's 
Hyperspace <http://spacemusic.us> which is a little closer to northern NJ.