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Re: So why Boise?

That about sums it up. It takes a bunch of OCD MFs like me, Rick, etc. 
Someone has to make it a priority and drive it home on their own. It takes 
fair amount of event, financial, and program managment skills as well, 
isn't a skill everyone is comfortable with.

Andrew, seems like you have a calling here? :)  Can I play at your 


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> Because someone in Boise said "I really want this thing to happen, so
> I'm going to put a huge amount of work into making sure that it does."
> If that guy lived in New Jersey, it'd have happened there.
> TravisH
> On 5/31/07, Andrew Koenig <ark@acm.org> wrote:
>> I keep hearing about this looping festival in Boise and wonder: Why 
>> I
>> know about more stuff like that here in northern New Jersey?  I mean, we
>> have the highest population density of any state--you'd think there'd be
>> some of everything.