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Re: Line 6 DL4 questions

Thanks for all your replies. I have tested the DL4 but have decided to buy 
used TC D2. The DL4 is great but I was amazed by the possibilities of the
D2. It sounds excellent, has full midi specs and 100 user presets. 

As Rainer said, the DD-20 is a great delay but limited as a looper. Imo,
using a small FX looper in the audio chain before the looper is a concept I
like. I often record a short loop of 1-2 sec's, feed it into a looper,
multiply it several times etc. So I'm probably going to replace my DD-20 by
the D2, this solves a couple of my issues:
- Midi feedback control (also other parameters)
- Tempo sync
- Midi program changes