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other noise Re: EDP noise help (unsoldering)

Never having an EDP until a couple months ago, how quiet is an EDP when 
working properly?  Is there any hiss, or other noise?


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Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007 8:28 PM
Subject: EDP noise help (unsoldering)

> Hi all
> right, ive gone and been a silly chimp,
> I bought a second edp l( blackfaced echoplex)last month, but have been 
> so busy ive only just got to the pluggin in stage and.............. 
> noise!!!
> hummming noisey noise....
> the humming actually starts as soon as the mains cord is plugged in and 
> raised to crazy levels as soon as i power on.
> the screen displays correctly  and all seems in order under the hood,and 
> ive tried all the normal fixes. ive got another white face echoplex and 
> have had a noise problem before, and last time i reseated the rams, roms 
> and the lil square chips and that solved it.........went to do that this 
> time and HORROR!!!!!! someones gone and put metal covers over the square 
> chips......so questions
> 1.Any idead on the noise cause?
> 2. If its what i think it is how do i get those damn covers off?
> 3. Why cover the chips?
> thanks for any and all input on this, i knowwe go round in circles on 
> subject and i thought i was ok solving my own probs, bt this has me 
> bummed out , ve not een used it yet
> Phill Wilson
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