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Re: FS: Korg Dw8000, Ensoniq SQ1plus, EPS sampler

I'll take the SQ1 if it's still around.  -Bob

legion@helpwantedproductions.com wrote:

>I'm thinning out my closet of 61 note keyboards.
>Here's the facts:
>1. Korg DW8000 - analog filters,etc +digital waveforms = one juicy 80s
>hybrid classic. Built in arpeggiator, old school digital delay, and
>interesting joystick. Velocity sensitve (midi value 1-100). Awesome
>strings, organs, and even bouncy basses and such. Used a lot by the old
>goth and prog crowd for pompous chords, the noise and other featured have
>served me well for weirder stuff.
>Asking $150
>2. Ensoniq SQ1 plus. Transwave digital synth. The plus verion has 32 voice
>polyphony and a damn good grand piano. Same engine as the KS32 and those
>awesome Ensoniq effects (reverbs, phase/flange/etc). In very good condion
>with memory battery not only fresh but I installed a battery holder (a
>very practical and needed upgrade)so you are good to go for the life of
>the board. I have some amazing sounds which I'll include in *.syx format
>from some pro audio place. PPG waveforms, odd percussion, ambient synth
>drones and other drum kits, etc. Also has a decent internal sequencer
>making it a great scratch pad for a home studio and good feeling keyboard
>with polyphonic aftertouch. Original manual included.
>Asking $175.00
>3. EPS sampler. THE classic. Good condition, one button (envelope #3) not
>working. In my 20+ years of playing this and the ASR I have never needed
>that button for any sounds or programming and neither will you. Great
>internal sequencer. DD disk drive works fine. Comes with boot disk and
>CDrom with 100s of sounds in giebler *.ede format so with any PC and a
>disk drive you can have a full library of a couple hundred sounds
>instantly. CDrom include ASR and classic Mirage sounds (the EPS will read
>mirage disks).
>Also has max memory of 4085 blocks and this memory upgrade is quite rare
>and costs $129 alone from Syntaur.com.
>Asking $125.
>The first person to buy one of the ensoniqs gets a free Ensoniq
>sustain/switch pedal. The first person to PICK UP oner of these gets a
>free padded 61 note keyboard gig bag. I believe I have copies the manuals
>for the DW8000 and EPS if needed but I'll have to check.
>I believe all these prices are fair but if you feel differently and are
>nice about I'll listen to offers. All items are in Phila pa and pickup is
>GREATLY preferred, otherwise buyer pays shipping and depending on who else
>responds before you, packing (I have one good box lol). Paypal fine if you
>pay the fees. Pics available on request.
>References out the wazoo. I am very familiar with all these boards so feel
>free to ask any questions. Send a phone # to speed things up if you're
>interested, first pay, first sold.
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