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Re: loopfestival


I put this on for a few years:

It was fun, but very hard work getting anyone to turn up. I think the
main problems stemmed from it not being in a proper venue - so there
was no "house audience", no PA etc.

If you can get proper funding or some other way of getting a
recognised music venue, I would recommend doing that.


On 26/03/07, Manu <manu@ricoloop.com> wrote:
> good morning to everybody!
> my name is manuel and im writing to you from berlin capital! ;)
> i am working together with a loop-musician here in berlin called
> "ricoloop" and we are interested in organising a loopfestival in the
> last part of the year.
> for this reason, i am collecting any information about every
> loopfestival or contest which exists. i am interested in your
> experience with loopermeetings, loopfestivals or contests to find
> out, if there is any interest of joining an event like this!?
> do you allready participate at any contest/festival, which was about
> looping? tell me....
> would you be interested in doing so?
> what would be important for you, at a festival or contest of loopers??
> other things to say?....
> im happy about any answer and information you can give me!
> greetings from a sunny place,
> manuel