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Re: inaccessability of music

If the audience would be more open and not fed up with tons of supermarket
of pop-music, it would be much easier. I miss the hunger, the excitement 
music, apart from the mainstream.
Re. the low attendance problem: My problem is not so much playing in front
of few people
(sometimes I do nevertheless, depends on my personal mood), but to find a
who risks it financially to do a show with avantgarde, experimental music.
I find it extremely difficult (living in Germany) getting shows. Although I
a record out , a label and a myspace side.

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> Well, if we're going to play "Top this"... (-8
> I once played a gig where no one showed up.  It was at a movie theater
> where myself and a musical friend were going to play a live soundtrack
> to a pair of silent Western movies.  There were to be two performances,
> one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  For Saturday's performance, no
> audience members showed up.  With the theater owner's kind permisson, we
> used Saturday as a rehearsal; i.e., he ran the film and we played
> along.  For Sunday's performance, about three people showed up.
> John McIntyre
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