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Re: Audient

> we have this rule: my quartet plays only, if there is more people in the
> audience then on stage.

No offense, but that seems a bit harsh to the people who actually came out
to your show. I play in a 6-piece band, and we have definitely played to
audient's (I love that term) before, but we figure since we are there, we
might as well put on a show. Sometimes those are the most fun, once you
get past the sinking feelings of abject failure ;-). I remember one show
in the bay area, we were on the road from Oregon and played at a club to
12 people. We went ahead and did the gig, the management gave us the
option of cancelling, we were playing for the door. We played pretty well,
and everyone of those 12 people bought a CD (some more than one) and a
T-shirt. Plus, they took up a collection, and bought us dinner from a
nearby takeout place, as well as numerous beers. We felt like we made
friends with everyone of those people, and they still come to our shows.
Now they bring friends!

I just figure it's part of our job description to play the gig, no matter

> when there is only five people present, we kindly ask them to introduce
> themselves.
> once we dedicated each piece to one of the listeners.
> it was fun. sometimes these mini crowds can be great.
> (once i played a duo concert for my mother, my girlfriend and the
> organizer.
> it was election night - no wonder nobody showed up.)
> tilmann

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