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Re: how much do you care about your music being in strict equal temperment keys?

At 03:40 PM 2/21/2007, you wrote:

>When I was a grad assistant teaching aural skills classes at a 
>major university, our curriculum was designed specifically to 
>force the perfect-pitchers out of their comfort area. Everything 
>was transposed: melodic and harmonic dictation exercises and

Wow, as much as this will be frustrating and painful, I need to do 
this! So, what's your best advice, since I'm a jazz guitarist? Just 
play tunes in different keys?

>sight-singing melodies. Despite my students' opinions on the 
>matter, the purpose was not simply to torture them. It's purpose 
>was to get them to develop so-called "relative pitch." In other 
>words, rather than rely on their perfect pitch to discern pitches, 
>we forced them to focus on the relationship between pitches which 
>is far

Yes. I need to do this, learn melodies by the intervalic 
relationships, chord progressions by root movement, etc.


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