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Re: how much do you care about your music being in strict equal temperment keys?

Well, I'm going to be the exception here it sounds like, and say 
that equal temperament is very important to me! The more I play 
music (guitar) the more my perfect pitch gets annoying. For 
example, I have real difficulties learning a tune in one key, then 
transposing it to another, because I have learned the "pitches" 
involved and expect to hear them, for example, at the start of the 

I would actually be very interested in hearing, say, the Bach 
well-tempered clavier pieces as they were intended, on a 
well-tempered instrument.

Another random musing: Although all keys are supposed to be equal 
in equal temperament, I still have my favorites... I can only think 
that this is because of emotional attachments to songs that are in 
these keys, than because of some emotive effect particular to the 
key.  Of course, D minor is the saddest of all keys ... :)


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