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Re: What do you think is necessary in order to have anexcellentcomposition?

> Quoting Daryl Shawn <highhorse@mhorse.com>:
> > I do find that the golden rectangle is a construct that pops up again
> > and again, particularly in pop songs. The climax, bridge, solo,
> > whatever is nearly always at that magical point.
> Excellent point!  To utilize the golden rectangle helps to assure a
> sense of proportion to the music and generally results in a pleasing
> "ebb and flow" over the course of the work.

I beg to differ. The Golden Mean exists outside of time. You observe the
golden mean as a whole. Music exists in time. You don't know how much music
is ahead (i.e., how much of the ratio is left) until you get to the end. 
don't observe music as a whole until it's over. I've listened to some of
Bartok's pieces which are written around the Golden Mean, and I don't hear
it. I like the music, but I don't hear it.

But tell me, what songs use the Golden Mean? Maybe if I listen more, I'll
begin to notice it.

Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large

"Let these minutes and hours
Show my mind strange new flowers"

- Jackson Browne