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Re: [LOOP] show me yours and i'll show you mine...

Simple, maybe, but FAR from inadequate! I love the Demeter stuff.

I'll try to take some pix at the gig tonight to show y'all my thang.

> Geez...
> Some of you guys have some pretty outrageous setups.  I somehaow feel
> "inadequate".  Well, I will have to figure out somewhere to post a pic of
> my
> quite simple looping setup, but here is a descrption of what I am using 
> late:
> Godin fretless five string bass w/ custom RMC electronics
> Demeter Tube DI
> Demeter Opto Compulator compressor
> Barge Concepts VFB2 variable feedback aux loop
> Custom Modified Lexicon JamMan (modded by Bob Sellon and amongst its new
> fuctions:
> longer loop time;Stereo;Multiple parallel and/or serial loops;undo;
> automated fade in and fade out (global or per track), ehanced feedback
> control and a bunch of other stuff...
> Demeter RV1 Analog spring reverb (my only effect!)
> Low End True Voice Tube Preamp
> The JamMan is controlled sans MIDI by two digitech FS300 footswitches.
> Simple, eh?
> Max
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