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Re: [LOOP] show me yours and i'll show you mine...

I love those Alesis ModFX boxes!
Does the digital row of !four! work without digital pops or crackling - 
I stopped using their digital interfaces because of that...

Got to take some pictures...


Tony K schrieb:
> >Hi folks,  what about posting pictures of your rig? there is probably 
> not one alike out there. Im >interested in what experiences people 
> have, specially in operating in strereo /mono use of fx >before/after 
> looper,  regarding monitoring, use of microphones in a loop setup etc 
> etc... use of >laptop/ software in this context
> Mine can be seen here...
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigtonyk/sets/72157594303469033/
> There's no pic of my latest addition - a VG-8.  There are also some 
> 'before the reorganization' pics in there too.
> I have issues with the sends not being in stereo since that's how I 
> route my signal to the loopers, but I'm living with it.  I might be 
> able to reroute stuff so I can get the stereo signal that I want, but 
> I haven't worked it all out yet.
> I don't use software loopers most of the time.  I like physically 
> clicking and twisting.  All my effects are at desktop level, I don't 
> have any loopers on the floor.  I do have the VG and an RP2000 on the 
> floor, but that's it. 
> -- 
> -==-=-=-
> Tony
> http://bigtony.blogspot.com/