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Re: Mixer Send-Return Question (OT?)

Quoting ejyuhas <ejyuhas@earthlink.net>:

> However, when I connect it to my mixer, I get no green signal light,
> lighting up to show me that anything is going thru the Nanoverb.
> Am I doing something wrong with my hookups? Balanced or unbalanced 
> (Currentl;y using balanced for the Send-Return cons.)

A few things to check:

. Is your send-pot turned up?
. Are you plugged into a send or an insert? (inserts work a differently)
. Is your return level turned up?

Start out by trying to get a signal from the mixer (send) to your  
Nanoverb.  Try a different patch cord (the one you are using might be  
broken).  Try a different send.  Perhaps your send broken.  Once that  
is working, then patch the Nano into a return.  If one return doesn't  
work, try another one.  Also, switch patchcords.

Check the position of any mute or solo switches, too.

I am not familiar with your specific mixer however these are some  
general things to check.

-- Kevin