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Re: Greetings from Argentina

Welcome to the list.

I think the lowest priced MIDI synced loopers are the
RC50 and 2880.  MIDI sync is evedently very hard to do
well so  you don't find it on the less expensive

I looked at the RC-20 and the Digitech JamMan and they
both lack feedback control so I stick with my trusty
Boss Gigadelay.


--- Gonzalo//Sonia <gysmazar@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, greetings from the south of the world. New in
> the loop world
> Can I ask for:
> 1. The cheaper loop pedal with midi sync?
> 2. The best pedal to live performance RC20 or
> Digitehc JamMan
> THANKS!!!!!!
> Gonzo

The fish are biting. 
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