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AW: gear question and other stuff

Hey Michael,
the problem with the 2488 (as with most of those devices I'm familiar with) is that you normally only get a very limited set of analogue inputs - in case of the 2488 (just looked at the website) it's 8 ins, only 4 of which are mic ins btw, so if you take up all of your input channels of the 1202 (which in fact are 12, unless you use mono signals only), the 2488 won't help you here. What's more, it doesn't even have an ADAT/TOSLINK interface like many competitors do, which you could use to add e.g. a Behringer ADA8000 eight channel analogue I/O w/ micpres.
All the best,

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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2007 17:46
An: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Betreff: gear question and other stuff

my mackie 1202 vlz has become too small for my needs, i have all 8 channels taken with just my kit alone.....secondly, i have no recording device, yes i have my puter but that is not the route that i want to take.....here is my question, i have been looking at the tascam 24 trac digi recorder and was wondering, can i use this as my mixing board as well as my recorder, kill 2 stones with one bird?.....i can't think why not, but i know very little being a professed luddite.....i figure that you can monitor your mix before recording so why not use this to act as your mixer.....am i missing something obvious here?.....does anyone use this piece of kit "tascam 2488" and are you happy with it.....it has all the bells etc. drum machine, fx, burn to cd capability.....it blows my mind how much you can get for the $'s now a daze.....i know i can go much simpler by just doing 2 trac recordings of my "live" looping ecapades but there are times when i want to do "non-live" looping.....thanks for any input.....also, my studio is way too cold to work in right now, no heat at all, so i took my guitar down to warmer climes in my casa, totally "UNPLUGGED".....what fun!.....it seems that i can come up with many new ideas, playing wise and compositionally when all i have is just a guitar, it's not the automatic blast in a few chords and jam my brains out for hours on end.....for a long time i felt that i could not play without some loops going on, it is a great pleasure to find that i can indeed entertain "myself" with just bangin away on my old axe (like the good old days).....i have to go back in to have my "new" knee fixed and this being several days after finishing my "pain pills" and getting a bit of clarity to my befuddled brain, big bummer.....now i'm just going to relax and be a junior junky and start from scratch so i can run faster and jump higher, or walk up stairs without crying.....DON'T GET OLD!!!!!.....this is my advice to all you young punks out there.....i have been enjoying everyone's music that has been posted, i really have to learn how to do this uploading thang, it has been a mystery to me for too long.....michael