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Re: Imogen&Zoe

Michael Peters wrote:
> What a great musician. I hope I can see her perform
> again sometimes, maybe on some looping festival. 

I can confirm this to the highest degree, I've seen both the night 
before in Berlin, even though ZoŽ's one repeater refused to work, all 
was absolutely mind blowing. I never saw a performer with such a complex 
setup doing it all by herself. At least it didn't feel like there is a 
bunch of technical geniuses somewhere backstage or at the desk (on the 
contrary, the house sound started loud and pretty good, but at the end 
it went more and more into bad distortion, the engineer from the house 
must have been totally deaf. I hope that Imogen will build up enough 
fans to be able to have her own sound engineer tour with her...)


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