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Re: OT: guitar styling

Zounds! Very nice stuff. Did you check out his harp guitar stuff? NO WAY he's gonna pound on that one.

Thanks for the link.

Time to practice!

I don't know what to think about feeling inadequate. I don't know if it's the best way to relate to this stuff although I know you're probably joking. But I spent MANY years inhibited by Leo Kottke, Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson, John Lennon... guys like Fripp etc for their virtuosity (different kinds). It shut me down pretty much for a while. When I came out of it I realized there is only one Leo Kottke, one Nick Robinson, one Richard Sales, one Per, Krispin, Bill Walker etc and our job is to be virtuosos at being the best Nick Robinson, R Sales, Per etc on earth. It changes the mandate and is very liberating in that you don't waste too much time in comparison.

There's that TIME factor again! Sorry!

But I deeply believe this. Each of us has a gift - a particular and peculiar one that is ours exclusively. The trick is finding it and hammering it to perfection.

Now, as relating to Per's wonderful email about saxes etc, I've often wondered about metal instruments. Do they age like wooden ones? On the Magnatone Valco list there is one fellow who says the new Nationals don't compare to the old. I've heard arguments for both sides. My old one howls and hollers, but my new resonator guitar is in a whole different class. I have a friend who's a collector of sax's and I might ask him what he thinks. He has one of Cannonball Adderly's! He's also a very bright man, a scientist (who did very well at one of the monster US corporations) so I suspect he might have some knowledge about the chemistry of it all. Should I bother doing this? Anyone curious?

I love this thread and this group.
richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.

On 20-Dec-06, at 4:00 AM, nick@12testing.net wrote:

On 19 Dec 2006 at 20:30, RP Collier wrote:


I "found" this guy a few weeks ago- what's amazing is how many people
seem to have sussed it out and broadcast their own version of

The label seems to have a wealth of talent - for some more amazing
candyrat chops check


guaranteed to give most guitarists a feeling of inadequacy...

All the best,

Nick Robinson