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Re: OT: guitar styling

On 20 dec 2006, at 20.28, Richard Sales wrote:

> I've often wondered about metal instruments.  Do they age like  
> wooden ones?

No, they generally age by being thrown to the ground by goones at  

...Oh no, I can't keep that joke thing up... sorry ;-))  Need to type  
something serious.... like this; I read a book by the flutist James  
Galway where he says that he always stores his flutes pointing  
parallel to the north-south direction, simply because he has found  
that they generally sound better then.

I really don't know how metal instruments age. I own some but they  
are so much older than me that I kind of have no chance to catch up  
with the perspective. With saxes many rich players say that they  
prefer new instruments because of the better mechanics (new saxes are  
horribly expensive). And as with mouth pieces age doesn't seem to  
count much because they are hand made anyway and if one piece came  
out nicely it will be a great mouth piece, no matter when it was  
manufactured. Just my personal view. I've been hanging on to one  
mouth piece for 25 years but that's simply because I have not been  
able to find something better - and I have really tried. My  guess is  
that age is most prominent in wooden instrument (and of course  
Quality of age, as in having been played vs having been stuffed away  
for the same amount of time).

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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