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Re: EDP NextLoop question

The way that I do it is program some FCB buttons to access loops directly, so for example button 6 is Loop1, 7=Loop2, 8=Loop3. 
Then I start off recording something in Loop1.  I have my autorecord set to Yes, and switchloop (or whatever that parameter is called) set to change loops at the end of the current loop.  So now I've got Loop1 playing, and I press button 7, which sends a Loop2 command. 
The EDP display switches to the lame duck display while it waits for Loop1 to complete, then it starts recording in Loop2. 
Now Loop2 is going, and I've still got my original Loop1.  If I press button6 (for Loop1), it goes into lame duck again. During the lame duck, if you press button six again, it will then record over Loop1 just as if you were doing a loopcopy, or a nextloop into an empty loop.  Super useful for me.
Let me know if you can't replicate it from that description and I'll pass on all my parameters.


On 12/18/06, L.A. Angulo < labaloops@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hey Travis,
I am not sure i am understanding your mail right,
perhaps i havent discovered this hidden option,how do
you copy an existing loop over another already
recorded loop?are you talking about perhaps insert?
This were the kind of requests i was asking the
developers before the powerful loop IV came out!for
example Next record is an awesome function but the
best thing thats ever happened to me lately is setting
direct access to different loops mapped on the
FCB1010!anybody that owns and EDP and only uses the
EFC-7 doesnt know what he is missing,the EFC-7 is just
an appetizer!!