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Re: effects racks?

At 4:11 PM -0600 12/18/06, Joshua Carroll wrote:
>Yeah, a few week's (months?) ago, there were several store displays 
>for sale on eBay that included one of each of the units, going for 
>$120 for the whole kit.  Now, though, I can't seem to find any.  I 
>have the phaser, which I love, but seem to have lost the power 
>supply in the move to my new house.  Sigh...

That was actually Nova Musik ( http://www.novamusik.com/ ), up 
thisaway in Milwaukee.  I'm pretty certain they've blown through all 
those setups, but I think they still have a few Phlngrs left, if you 
wanna jump on one of those.  They have the AirFX in stock too.

Also, Audio Lines here in Chicago ( http://www.audiolines.com/ ) 
still has the Ampliton and Faze in stock, as well as at least one 
Akira.  I really dig the Akira because -- like the Ineko -- it 
collects most of the ModFX boxes into a single unit.

And I'll second Mark's recommendation on the KAOSS and AirFX units. 
They may not be rack units (we seemed to have strayed from that 
criteria) but they are a heckuva lot of fun.

"Snakes, as the great philosophers used to say, on a motherfucking