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AW: software newbie

while there are good reasons for several people to use a computer for
looping, I wouldn't see them in your case based on what you describe,
because what you're seeing is not the limitations of hardware, but the
limitations of your hardware, the Headrush.

What you might do hardware-wise:
        * use more than one looper
        * use a looper which allows for multi-track looping
        * use a looper which allows for multiple loops
        * use a looper with powerful undo/redo capabilities

Software-wise, you can also browse the archives about different
possibilities. Basically, there are two different basic approaches together
with a hybrid in-between:
        * pure laptop setup: all signal processing (including looping) is
done in the laptop
        * laptop loops only, all other signal processing is done with
hardware FX
        * hybrid: the laptop does looping and signal processing, hardware
boxes are used for additional processing

As for software, there are several solutions both for Windows and Mac
machines, both standalone and plugins. They include:
        * Mobius (Windows only, standalone and VST)
        * SooperLooper (Mac)
        * Augustus (Mac)
        * using a powerful audio processing system with hand-made setups
(e.g. MAX, Reaktor)

Finally, depending on what you want to do, there might be the possibility 
use some "DJ-style" loop-based audio sequencer (e.g. Ableton Live!). 

So the best thing would be if you would elaborate a little more on what you
want to do (your way of working musically or how you intend to work) and
what your ancilliary conditions are (like computer platform, preference for
hardware or computer,...), and then we would be able to give 
in greater detail.



        Von: Dan Katayama [mailto:dan.katayama@gmail.com] 
        Gesendet: Sonntag, 10. Dezember 2006 18:25
        An: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
        Betreff: software newbie
        i'm really starting to see the limitations of hardware.
        i'm currently using an akai headrush and its hooked up the effects
loop on my mixer.
        i can virtually loop anything that is coming into the mixer.
        but with the headrush, it just keeps layering, and after each layer
you lose control over the last layer. 
        i've read about the software looping, but it hasn't clicked with me
        can someone point me in the right direction as to what a typical
software looping setup will be?
        i only loops live sounds from live instruments, no midi.