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Re: software newbie

Dan Katayama wrote:

> i'm really starting to see the limitations of hardware.
> i'm currently using an akai headrush and its hooked up the effects 
> loop on my mixer.
> i can virtually loop anything that is coming into the mixer.
> but with the headrush, it just keeps layering, and after each layer 
> you lose control over the last layer.

I also have a Headrush that is fed a signal from an effect send.  
However, I return it's output to a channel.  This allows me to play with 
the EQ on the Headrush's channel.  By sending THIS channel to the 
Headrush, the EQ effects alter what's looping.  Or I can choose to leave 
the effect send off and loop in the normal manner.

I think your problem may lie more with the limitations of the Headrush 
itself, rather than your problem being a hardware issue.  The Echoplex, 
for instance, *will* give you more control over previous layers than the 
Headrush does, iirc.  (I've never used the EDP, only read about it here.)

> i've read about the software looping, but it hasn't clicked with me yet.
> can someone point me in the right direction as to what a typical 
> software looping setup will be?
> i only loops live sounds from live instruments, no midi. 

At <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zonemobius> you can learn about the 
Mobius looping software.