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Electro-Acoustic Looping Sonata (up coming event in Chicago)

Hello List,

First let me say that i damn excited i found this
list. I really like the multi-genre aspect of it and
people are really helpful. I am getting cozy with my
echoplex and am getting ready for a show. I thought I
would put the word out in case any of you were here in
Chicago. It should be a really great event and it's

More Info Below:

Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs presents
ohm Curator Series
Featuring Margaret Noble and Edyta Stepien
Tuesday, December 5, 7 pm
Claudia Cassidy Theater @ Chicago Cultural Center, 77
E. Randolph St.
Free admission
Margaret Noble and Edyta Stepien will curate and
perform a multi-media sound and video event modeled on
reinterpretations of the classical music form, Sonata.
 Together several video artists and live electronic
music performers will reinvent this classical concept.
 Performers include Laura Emelianoff, J.C. Loewe,
Gregg Medley, Margaret Noble, Edyta Stepien, Jeffrey
Weeter, and Video Janitor.
Multimedia artist Jeffrey Weeter will perform "Pattern
Portraits: Amsterdam" a series of works that explore
traffic frequency and human interactivity utilizing
sound and video collected in Amsterdam.  J.C. Loewe
and Laura Emelianoff will perform a collaborative
composition exploring tonal, rhythmic, and visual
movement within a three-part form. This acoustic duo
includes Loewe on viola and Emelianoff on her
self-constructed open harp. Video imagery is also
provided by Loewe.  Gregg Medley will present an
electroacoustic realization of thematic fragments from
the sonatas of Brahms, Bernstein, and Mozart. Live
video mixing performed by Video Janitor: Maria Papas,
Matt Hanson and Chuck Pizybyl.  Margaret Noble will
reinterpret sonata through current electronic
percussive styles with synths, drum machines, samplers
and an autoharp.  And Edyta Stepien will perform live
video mixing to the sonata creating a narrative visual
component based on the same structure.
The ohm Curator Series incorporates new media in
electronic music, performance and visual art.  The
program invites professionals from Chicago’s music
scene to curate the audio and visual artists. 
Performances feature live DJs and visuals including
video mixing, film and live painting.  For more
information on ohm and other programs presented by the
Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, call
312.744.6630 or visit www.chicagoculturalcenter.org.

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