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Re: OT: audio to midi converter

Glenn wrote:
> you're probably so much more than on top of this already, but FWIW using 
> a compressor/limiter/gate before the device, and tweaking around with it 
> until it's maximized, made a huge difference on how well a now long gone 
> fairlight voicetracker worked with guitar, voice, etc to midi. That was 
> only mono,but pretty sure this would help any pitch to midi conversion 
> process.

I still have a Voicetracker. I don't use it anymore. But it won't be 
cheap, as its a colectors item... I also used VP-70 from Roland which 
should also be around. I should get rid of all that old gear...
Probably christmas ith the best time to put it on ebay...

For software: look at Pd and fiddle~ it could even get you more than one 
pitch. But its not at all easy to tweak it and Pd is the cousin of Max, 
that said, you face a learning curve, but I am sure someone on the Pd 
list has done it already and might tweak her patch for you...


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