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Re: Zoom H4 for laptop looping

Yeah, I upgraded to the 2GB card myself, and I've been carrying it with 
me.  Transporting it safely is a pain though.  I have a  large plastic 
mic case I've been carrying it in, along with all the accessories.  It's 
nice, but it's bulky and makes setup time a little too slow for 
capturing some things.

Worked well for my sis-in-law's clarinet recital this weekend, though.


Per Boysen wrote:
> On 15 nov 2006, at 04.55, Joshua Carroll wrote:
>> Per,
>> Sadly, I heard the artifacts you described tonight.  Horrible!  I 
>> wasn't using the ASIO drivers either.  I'm on an old version of Adobe 
>> audition that doesn't recognize ASIO, so I'm just using it 
>> plug-and-play.  Makes me think it's possibly a hardware issue.  
>> However, I've successfully used a USB interface, so I don't think 
>> that's the issue.  I just wish I had known about this up front.  I 
>> need an interface more than I need an portable recorder.
>> I'll be on the phone with their support tomorrow.
> Ouch, that's bad news. Maybe you can get you're money back. It IS 
> actually marketed as a viable audio interface.
> I'm still happy with the excellent stereo recording facility and the 
> portability. Don't think I will use it as four track recorder though, 
> only for stereo. I picked up a bigger cartridge for longer recording 
> time. Now I just need to remember to take the thing with me wherever I 
> go so I won't miss great sound spaces when I stumble into them ;-)
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