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Re: Boss RC-2 Shipping Now...Just Recieved Mine

I've been thinking more and more that that little guy could have a niche in my rig - primarily for use while traveling. I picked up a Travelers Guitar and a Zoom PS04 to use while on the road. However, I realized I still need a looper of some sort. The configuration of the traveler's rig is still TBD but the RC-2 is looking more interesting...
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Subject: Boss RC-2 Shipping Now...Just Recieved Mine

I just got my Boss RC-2 looper, as they are shipping them now...not a bad little device for a backup or basic busking gigs.  It is similar to the Boss RC-2, but more functionality built into the single button to match what can be done with the two buttons of the RC-20.  A few pros: it has undo!  It's small and a perfect match for the Roland Microcube. It has most of the features of the RC-20, including auto record, loop saving, one shot playback, etc. You can hook other Boss foot switches to it to control the functions.
A con: Two delete a loop, you have to press and hold the button while the looped is stopped or while it is playing (not in overdub mode). The problem is that if it is stopped, you have to hear the loop play for a few seconds before the press and hold deletes the loop.  You can apparently clear the loop out of memory with one of these external switches, but you still have to press and hold the button..so I'm not sure if it plays the loop for a few seconds or not. I have the manual if anyone has any other questions.
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