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RE: Boss RC-2 Shipping Now...Just Recieved Mine

I also don't think (from skimming the manual) you can set up any kind of
fade on a loop- there is no way to hook up an exp pedal to just fade the
loop unless you use a mixer.  It seems really geared towards 'play 3 chords
and repeat' jam-along looping rather than live manipulation of the loop. 

Dave Eichenberger 

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> Wouldn't that be nice...a dream the size of a stomp 
> box...maybe in the next decade of technological 
> miniaturization we'll get this sort of functionality in the 
> same size...would be cool to program a stomp-box sized looper 
> via the computer, and then take it along with nothing but a 
> MIDI controller. I'm waiting for MAX/MSP for Palm Computers. 
> But I digress...
> It does not have reverse, pitch shifting, or simultaneous 
> loop, but for $179 I bought it primarily for really basic 
> looping gigs, like if I have to play a traditional jazz solo 
> gig at a party or event and all I feel like bringing is my 
> combo amp. Although, it would be cool to have two of these 
> things side by side for some asynchronous looping. 
> I just did some more experimentation, and what you can do to 
> delete a loop from memory without having to hear the first 
> few seconds of it, is to press the button twice while the 
> loop is playing (which stops the loop), but continue holding 
> down the button on the second press. That will delete the 
> loop permanently. But there is still no way to silently 
> delete the loop, with your foot, while the loop is stopped. 
> Another way would be to turn the phrase selection knob to 
> another memory space. 
> Kris
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>       Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 3:20 PM
>       Subject: Re: Boss RC-2 Shipping Now...Just Recieved Mine
>       thanks for the review, Krispen. Does it have: 
> sound-on-sound, reverse, any pitch-shifting, or simultaneous loops?
>       Daryl Shawn
>       www.swanwelder.com
>               I just got my Boss RC-2 looper, as they are 
> shipping them now...not a bad little device for a backup or 
> basic busking gigs.  It is similar to the Boss RC-2, but more 
> functionality built into the single button to match what can 
> be done with the two buttons of the RC-20.  A few pros: it 
> has undo!  It's small and a perfect match for the Roland 
> Microcube. It has most of the features of the RC-20, 
> including auto record, loop saving, one shot playback, etc. 
> You can hook other Boss foot switches to it to control the functions.