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Re: Yamaha MFC 10

I owned the MFC10 and I didn't have it long... I
thought it sucked.  I can't remember all the reasons
why, but I seem to remember there was a long delay
from the time you pressed the button to the time it
sent the command.  Too long for looping, that's for
sure.  I also had the Roland... I can't remember why I
got rid of that, but I do know that the one I ended on
was the FCB1010.  It may have quirks and limitations,
but it seemed to work best out of anything under $500.
 That was a long time ago though, perhaps they've
improved them.

--- William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:

> After having lived with the limitations and quirks
> of my behringer FCB1010
> for several years now, i find myself longing for a
> new midi pedal to control
> my loopers with. I've narrowed it down to two
> possible contenders, the
> Yamaha MFC10, and the Roland FC200. what i like
> about both is the capability
> of having additonal CC pedals. what i don't know is
> how rugged the Yamaha
> is. I'm leaning towards it ,as it is the more
> reasonably priced, and I like
> the yamaha expression pedals (FC7)better than the
> roland (EV5) which are
> also more reasonably priced, and seem a little more
> substantial. thoughts
> anyone??
> Thanks
> Bill

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