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Re: Mixer with MIDI scene recall

On 10/31/06, Greg Mills <gregmills@blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
> Mech, have I noticed you posting on the Looperlative forum? What do you
> think of the LP1? How does it compare to the EDP? I've been looking for a
> stereo looper for awhile, rather than another EDP. The LP1 looks nice, 
> would cost me about the same as two EDPs. Would be interested to hear 
> thoughts.

I'm not Mech, but I have an LP1.  I also have two EDPs and a Repeater.
 Lately, the only thing I've been using is the LP1.  Once you get a
midi controller set up (it's easy to program - the hard part is
deciding exactly what you want to do) and get used to thinking in
terms of separate tracks instead of just one, it's hard to beat!  The
one thing the Repeater has that the other two don't is the storage
capability, but the latest LP1 software lets you access things from a
computer.  Not quite as immediate as the memory card in the Repeater,
but  it sure beats what you can do with the EDP...