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OT: New Release "electr-ohm compilation 1"

Hi LD,

Sorry for off topic,this is our new release information.

title : electr-ohm compilation 1
artist : V.A.
label : electr-ohm
CD number : TCCD-20062
format : Audio CD
release date  : 6th November 2006

This CD is an answer  from a label, electr-ohm to next generation of IDM.
Complex rhythm beat and gentle crackles with abstract textures or 
subdued drones.
and their advantage is high knowledge of DSP sound manipulation.

13 international artists joined from 7 countries, it includes Flint 
Glass, Empusae, Noize Creator,Sunao Inami and more.

This CD is highly recommended to a person liking IDM, Rhythmic 
noise,Dark electro,Break beat and Break core.

01 : Instrumental / Sunao Inami (jp)
02 : Niflheim / Empusae (be)
03 : sak / in center of circle (jp)
04 : Extra Terrestrial / Noize Creator (de)
05 : Nocturnal waves / Flint Glass (fr)
06 : cut / nOriyOshi (jp)
07 : R-IO / symphony space (jp)
08 : Sperre Drei / Enzym (de)
09 : Legacy of Mangler / Sunao Inami (jp)
10 : a circle and a triangle / Yumi Matsui (jp)
11 : acdeefhlmmnoooprsty / Daisuke Ohkoshi (jp)
12 : Fear event killing all people in Grand Theft Auto / ANATOMICA (jp)
13 : Norma / LITH (fr)
14 : tam / in center of circle (jp)
15 : hymenaea protera / wg@eet (nl)
16 : LCR / symphony space (jp)

16 songs,65 min total.

Please visit our online shop page for details:

* Empusae appears courtesy of Hands Productions.
* Noize Creator and Enzym appears courtesy of  Suburban Trash Industries.
* Flint Glass and  LITH appears courtesy of Brume records.



- for distributors and CD shops -
  we can talk about whole sale.
  please contact to:


  Sunao Inami