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Re: OT: Ideal small studio specs for Loopers?

I would build as big a room as possible within your dimension/costs 
limitation...rectangle will be fine, if you can't afford otherwise. 
Worry about tuning it afterwards, there are so many great resources for 
tuning a room out there.....pre-made bass traps, diffusion panels



With a limited budget, consider the least expensive biggest  rectangle 
you can afford, with space for a small control room, if possible, and 
then drop some dough on acoustic treatment.

My .02.


Jeff Kaiser
pfMENTUM.com  AngryVegan.com

On Oct 8, 2006, at 3:07 PM, tEd  kiLLiAn wrote:

> Essentially these kits can be had in almost any RECTANGULAR 
> configuration. Part of the problem is those doggone PARALLEL WALLS of 
> a rectangle. Acoustically it would be best to avoid all symmetry 
> and/or parallel surfaces to avoid any problem frequencies. 
> Unfortunately I gotta use a rectangle of some sort. What's gonna work 
> best and suit as a studio with that as a given?