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Re: OT: Ideal small studio specs for Loopers?

     Ted writes:

I am contemplating building a small, detatched  studio room/structure 
my home here in Oregon. ...

     Ted, funny you should mention that...  I'm building a studio right 
now in my backyard, though
Seattle only allows 120 square feet, not 200.  My 18 year old daughter 
arrives from South Africa
in December, she'll be here for a year, after which the room becomes my 
music studio.  I am
getting around the boxiness of the room by cutting off the front corners, 
making it more hexagonal
in shape (kinda).  Another non-boxy treatment I'm doing is leaving the 
ceiling cathedral-shaped as
opposed to flat.  I put some photos up on a Flickr site to keep my 
daughter posted on the
progression.  If you're at all inclined to view them, the site is located 


     The photos show the first 2 1/2 weeks of work, though I've got 
another week or two in since
that time and have just finished the roof, sheathing, and window 
installation.  If all goes well,
I'll have it done in another month or so.  Let me know if you have any 
questions, probably best to
do this offlist.  The best part is that all this has been quite doable as 
a one-man project.

     I was considering doing an electrical heating element under the 
floor, as I've done for
clients in the past.  One of my worries was of creating a massive 
electrical noise field for my
audio cables to pick up.  Another was the distrust of having so much 
electrical current running
underfoot all the time, the same distrust that keeps me from using things 
like an electric
blanket.  So it will be an oil-filled radiator for this room.  Bamboo 
floors, drywall for the
walls, and cedar T&G for the sloped ceiling.  Should be sweet...


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