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Re: MAX/MSP Conversion Complete...

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From: "markfrancombe.com" <mark@markfrancombe.com>

> My general impression of both of these packages is that they suck the 
> living
blood outa you, your skin goes grey, you start to smell of dead cells
cigerettes and pizza, your friends talk about you when you are not there,
and you dont talk much to them when they are there... evil... dark....and
grim....and my personal favorites... audio much and synthedit.... are both
just slightly less dangerous than heroin. Just say NO...

I love this.....I say sheepishly. :)   It is addicitve...what saves
me from the abyss is a corporate day job and my twin 16 month year olds,
otherwise I'd be a shrivelled up shell (not a posix shell, mind you)
of a human being.

(who uses NO computers in the making of his music... anymore... and is now
rosy cheeked and losing weight!!! All you augustas/mobius/live type
people... beware, here speaks the words of truth from a recovering addict,
now sit down relax and dream of those enigmatic metal boxes with flashing
lights and real cables... racks... and now when you are completely relaxed
ask yourself this question, "am I using a laptop cos its easier to get to

Good for you, Mark.  In another year, I expect you to be living in the
rain forest, playing bambo flutes, goatskin drums, and curing shrunken
heads to make the day go by faster...heh heh. Speaking of metal boxes,
though, I have the new Boss RC-2 on order and will bring it to Y2K6
as a backup looper...not that I'll need it, but it's a great pocket looping