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Re: ...what to go for then?

Hey community-
    Have we ever discussed the difference between a looper and a long delay? Methinks a looper can store a few audio loops, can start, stop, restsart and/or continue on command, and can "undo" one or more levels of looping. A long delay won't do these things, but will have a feedback function so loops can fade away as new material is added. Any more differentiating features?
    I ask this because I'm reading this thread, thinking, Boss DD-20! Boss DD-20! Makes a great looper! (except it doesn't do those "looper" things mentioned above)
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Subject: ...what to go for then?

Hi there,
Im also new to this community, been playing guitar for 15 years now and have been invited by some DJs to perform live with them. Obviously I need a looper, and I was just about to go and get a RC-50 , but that was before I read reviews on harmony-central, musiciansfriend.com, loopers delight, etc.....I was excited about going stereo, having 3 phrase tracks, such long recording time......bla, bla, bla...........but as I would have it mainly for live performances, just put it aside for this moment.
RC-20XL is mono, seems to degrade sound quality as more phrases are added onto previous recorded ones, has the 2 seconds pressed pedal waiting time to change recording/dubbing functions......sounds not pro enough.
Also read a lot about some little issues on Digitech JamMan, Boomerang, Electro Harmonix 2880, etc.......even the Gibson Echoplex Digital ProPlus got bad reviews.
Sincerely....I got lost in the middle of everything, so it got cloudy for me to define what should I buy at this moment, what will give me condition for a reliable and creative live performance, and also be a smart option regarding the cost X benefit X technology X quality issue.
Counting on your expertise people....thanks a lot.