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Re: Message Board

Throw this guy in the LD gulag!

Paul Richards

---- Matthew.Quinn@sunlife.com wrote: 
> Without belaboring the point too much:
> >>>>>>When I wanted to start a community around looping, my goal was to
> form a
> community. I hoped people would spend extended time there, and get to 
> one another. I wanted people to share information and collaborate on
> projects together. I wanted people to spend time to teach one another 
> looping. I wanted people to have serious, thoughtful, and respectful
> discussions. I wanted it to last. I wanted a community of interested 
> to build the whole idea of looping into something much bigger than it 
> I am a part of many Message boards that have all these aspects. Creating 
> commuinty is far from the exclusive domain of email lists.
> >>>>>>>>I think that idea is destructive to our community. I also think 
> is hurtful
> to the group when people try to create some separate forum. It always 
> like an attempt to split our community up.
> I think this might be a bit of an overreaction. It's a big world with a 
> of Loopers. I don't see how a message board devoted to looping (again- I 
> NOT talking about LD, since it's clear most of the people here are not
> interested in a board-based forum- I am talking about if someone were to
> start a completely independent board devoted to looping)- could in any 
> shape, or form be detrimental to the world community of looping 
> No offense, but the preceeding statement certainly seems to imply that 
> LD mailing list is the be all & end all of the looping world, and quite
> frankly, it's not. I understand that you've worked on and created this 
> from nothing, and I very much appreciate the information & community
> available here. But to imply that it's a somehow negative action for
> someone else to attempt to begin simply a different format of 
> between musicians is just downright silly, IMO.
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