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show: Walpurgisnoise, 30 Apr, Raleigh NC

Walpurgisnoise: Long Day's Journey Into Night
Date / Time: 30 Apr 2006 (Sunday), noon to eight pm.
Venue URL: http://www.badgerhaus.com/

I am playing a long-form improvisational dark ambient performance this 
Sunday, to begin at noon and continue until sunset - 8:01pm by the 
ephemeris I checked.

Touchstones or buzzwords for the performance:
ambient, dark, atmospheric, drone, soundscape, improvisational, looping, 
experimental, ritual, minimal, open format, collaborative.

Performance will be at badgerhaus (Raleigh NC) - write offlist for 
if you're in the area, haven't been here, and would like to come and 
listen or join in. Additional performers and collaborators are welcomed. 
email me to discuss details.

Steve B
Subscape Annex   http://www.subscapeannex.com/
Badgerhaus       http://www.badgerhaus.com/