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Re: Message Board

misunderstood - thought you were just the next in a line of people that 
wanted the list to be a forum.  FWIW, LD pretty much IS a community of 
loopers and I've never found LD to be exclusive to looping.

I'm pretty sure there have been splinter groups in the past.  Wasn't there 
a loop tribe going at some point?

At 2006.04.25 10:31 AM, Matthew.Quinn@sunlife.com wrote:
>Just to clarify-
>I was only asking whether or not anyone here would be interested in a
>message board based primarily on a community of loopers- not exclusive to
>looping, as I often find off topic forums great resources as long as they
>are based in a community with a common interest. I am not asking anything
>of Kim or the LD mailing list at all. I'm sure loads of people prefer
>things just the way they are, and I am not trying to rock the boat- simply
>trying to expand the horizon.