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Re: Message Board

I'm terribly behind on this thread, but very interested. I'm all for a 
web-based / email based system, such as Google Groups, Yahoo Groups, 
etc...except customized for LD members and without the marketing 
of those two systems.  It doesn't have to be black and white...you can use 
the web interface, or just email for those still in the information dark 
ages. :)

You guys know the drill.  What's the problem?  This doesn't appear to be 
issue of satisfying LD member needs, but whether Kim would be willing 
transition to a more sophisticated system that does everything the current 
list does, plus offers a web interface, showing threads, members, etc

Just my two cents....


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> Isn't that exactly the case when people come along and complain that LD 
> isn't setup as a web-based forum?
> At 2006.04.25 09:46 AM, Matthew.Quinn@sunlife.com wrote:
>>People like different things- what get's me fired up is when someone 
>>to simply declare that their way is the best, and somehow anyone who
>>disagrees just doesn't understand.