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Re: dulay & california (was Sustainiac and Fathead)

I haven't been in touch with Kam for several years, but he may still have 
day-job with Klark Teknik: www.klarkteknik.com I was R&D manager 
there...once upon a time. I didn't know anything about his extra-mural 
activities. He did ask me about guitar FX a couple of times an about how 
E-bow worked, and could he borrow it please to take it apart... Then I say 
his name in the Brook article and put 2 and 2 together. He was very 
and evasive when I confronted him about it. I guess he wanted to keep 
about designing stuff for others outside of the company - strictly a no-no 
in this business - but I just wanted to hear some stories and get an 
introduction to The Edge!

As for RC, all I have of his is the Twelve Dreams of Doctor thingy. 
some good songs o there, but I never rated the guitar playing much.


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>>>Brooks is evasive about the technology because he had the actual circuit
> engineering done by a Mr Kam Dulay, based in the West Midlands of the 
> United
> Kingdoim. I worked with Kam on some unrelated electronics for several
> years.<<
> nik- would you have any idea if mr dulay is still active in guitar
> electronics? I had some correspondence with him some years ago (& by
> correspondence, I mean actual letters & 'phone calls... so this is a 
> back).
> he sold me a funny little box made by EH, with an eight-step analogue
> sequencer & very basic synth engine, & a cork pad on the front for 
> drummers
> to hit. it amused us for hours, this thing, as we nudged it around the 
> floor
> of the studio with our feet, it made noises like an old arcade machine.
> anyway, mr dulay said he had a lot of the (then defunct) EH schematics & 
> was
> also designing new effects & did we have any ideas for stuff we wanted
> building that didn't exist elsewhere? at the time, we were obsessed with
> rotary speaker simulators & had several of them already.
> (fwiw, I reckon the boss se70 makes a reasonable job of it, though the 
> korg
> g4 is better for guitarists as it lives on the floor)
> he did some work for the late mr california, I believe.... & one of the
> "jobs" I did for him in return was to transfer a 525 tape of a 
> about spirit. small world- one of the sound guys here (mtv in london) 
> worked
> on an album that RC was recording in london, during which time RC was 
> mildly
> making a nuisance of himself with this guy's sister....
> I only saw spirit once, in 1992 I think, but we got right up to the 
> &
> handed up a spliff. it seemed like the least we could do. "future games" 
> is
> one of my favourite albums ever. I eventually saw through what I 
> took to be dodgy politics "& the next day we bought datsuns & sonys...." 
> in
> fact he was just pointing out the hypocrisy. I think.
> duncan.