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RE: dulay & california (was Sustainiac and Fathead)

Title: RE: dulay & california (was Sustainiac and Fathead)

>>Brooks is evasive about the technology because he had the actual circuit engineering done by a Mr Kam Dulay, based in the West Midlands of the United Kingdoim. I worked with Kam on some unrelated electronics for several years.<<

nik- would you have any idea if mr dulay is still active in guitar electronics? I had some correspondence with him some years ago (& by correspondence, I mean actual letters & 'phone calls... so this is a while back).

he sold me a funny little box made by EH, with an eight-step analogue sequencer & very basic synth engine, & a cork pad on the front for drummers to hit. it amused us for hours, this thing, as we nudged it around the floor of the studio with our feet, it made noises like an old arcade machine.

anyway, mr dulay said he had a lot of the (then defunct) EH schematics & was also designing new effects & did we have any ideas for stuff we wanted building that didn't exist elsewhere? at the time, we were obsessed with rotary speaker simulators & had several of them already.

(fwiw, I reckon the boss se70 makes a reasonable job of it, though the korg g4 is better for guitarists as it lives on the floor)

he did some work for the late mr california, I believe.... & one of the "jobs" I did for him in return was to transfer a 525 tape of a documentary about spirit. small world- one of the sound guys here (mtv in london) worked on an album that RC was recording in london, during which time RC was mildly making a nuisance of himself with this guy's sister....

I only saw spirit once, in 1992 I think, but we got right up to the stage & handed up a spliff. it seemed like the least we could do. "future games" is one of my favourite albums ever. I eventually saw through what I initially took to be dodgy politics "& the next day we bought datsuns & sonys...." in fact he was just pointing out the hypocrisy. I think.



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