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Re: Line 6 Tonecore Verbzilla

Yes - I just lost an Ebay auction for a Pod Pro XT - which then led me to the Verbzilla.
Lots of XPs showing up on Ebay right now - new and going for around $300 -
usual retail is $400. I checked the Harmony Central reviews on the XP and it goes
one way or the other - they either love or hate it, nothing in between.

Jeff Shirkey <jcshirke@midway.uchicago.edu> wrote:

It gets nice reviews on another list I'm on--esp. for its "shimmer"
setting. But I've heard good things about the straight ahead reverbs
as well. I'm a fan of those Tonecore pedals in general. I think Line
6 has done a nice job with them. I have the Tone Core Roto-Machine
and Flanger pedals.

I'm also interested in picking up a Pod Pro XT (again...had one a
long time ago and sold it. Long story). Is anyone here using one?


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