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Re: F*** the Music Recording Industry

I agree, it's a great speech, and it's such a shame about Ms.
Harrison, and all. I have a deep rooted antipathy for her (and not
just because of her misappropriation of my last name).  She went on
and on about doing advocacy for all musicians, making sure they have
representation like screen actors and athletes...

but as soon as she and the surviving members of Nirvana settled on the
terms of the box set, ("for lots and lots of money" is how I think Ms.
Harrison put it) all the other stuff went straight down the memory

Some cynical people (not me, heaven forbid) think it was all a bargaining 

Which doesn't make anything she said less true. I think that her
people put some good words in her mouth.  Subsequent events (or
non-events) would seem to support the cynics, though. There's no
evidence she meant it.